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 The Writing Hut

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PostSubject: The Writing Hut   Tue Mar 31, 2015 5:01 pm

[size=150]About us:[/size]

URL: http://thewritinghut.net/

The Writing Hut is a home for writers and thinkers, people who enjoy art , writing and expressing themselves in various ways. Our site is mainly focused on writing , thoughts, anime , mangas and we will expand little by little to other niches , one article at a time. The Writing Hut was firstly created to be a place for a single individual to share his opinion on the world, his poetry, his stories. But now it is a home that welcomes each and every artists, thinker, blogger, otaku, gamer , anyone to share their writings, their thoughts, their story and let it grow mighty as the Tree of Knowledge that represents our site. We want to create a site where the freedom of speech is respected, a site where you can prove your point and show the whole world why things should be done that way. Slowly but surely we want to create a place that you can talk with like-minded friendly individuals.


Our goals are pretty simple. Collect knowledge and let the Three of Knowledge grow strong as the member base of our site grows larger. We want artist, thinkers, debaters, everyone to join the discussions about our world and share their experiences and creations. With this site we hope to create a place on the internet that will help improve the future of our world, one article at a time.
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The Writing Hut
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