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 Get 180 Ear Muffs from Earwarmer!

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PostSubject: Get 180 Ear Muffs from Earwarmer!   Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:42 am

One look and you can tell that 180 Ear Muffs are not like their traditional counterparts. That's because the band part goes around the back of the head rather than over it. Such feature is beneficial for women who don't like having their hair ruined, or for men who find that the usual ones look feminine.
Thanks to these products, having your ears protected from the frigid air should never be the same again. The designing of the 180 Ear Muffs is eye-catching, but not in a cumbersome way as rivals sporting more traditional looks. Their internal framework is flexible, expanding or contracting as necessary. You don't have to worry which 180 Ear Muffs to get as one size fits all.

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Get 180 Ear Muffs from Earwarmer!
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