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 Transfer From HongKong airport

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PostSubject: Re: Transfer From HongKong airport   Tue Jan 18, 2011 6:36 pm

I am very happy to be here ,thanks for your sharing .
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PostSubject: Transfer From HongKong airport   Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:39 am

If you arrive at HKG airport with luggage, best pass the Hongkong entrance border and claim your luggage, then follow "Transport to Mainland China" and then take the Bus for 80 HK-$ to Shenzhen-Huanggang. When you get the bus ticket to Huanggang, best ask at HKG airport for the price of a further transfer to your end location in Shenzhen. Alternatively you can take this 80HK-$ bus connection to Huanggang, and then in Huanggang take an OFFICIAL taxi. If you did NOT order the further transfer with the bus company, take care that you do NOT follow the guys of the bus company, who wait for you after Chinese border control (they recognize you from your tape sticker). The try to exploit your uncernity with this special border (and typically you will be delighted by the good and fast bus service), and then they will overcharge you completely when giving you a further bus connection to your final hotel. They wanted 560RMB for a drive to Dameisha, after I told my limit of 300RMB, I had to pay 400RMB. But later I drove to Dameisha from downtown Shenzhen which is even a longer distance than from Huanggang, and the taximeter only went to 80RMB.In the other direction (TO HKG airport), to my information the ferry boat is the fastest alternative. I did it this evening, it was very fast and to my surprise the give you 120 HK-$ "tax refund" in HK$ cash, because you did not pass by HongKong when coming to the airport - very nice. The price for the ferry in Shenzhen was 260 RMB, if you subtract the 120HK$, you end up somewhere at 100-150RMB, which is really a good price for this service - at the arrival in HKG you have a special luggage check in hall for all the airlines, this is very comfortable without any waiting (Chinese passport control is already in Shenzhen Shekou ferry terminal).From HKG to Shenzhen principally you can also take the ferry, but if you come with luggage they have a quite a cumbersome procedure for the luggage - they somehow transfer it to the ship automatically, but they count 1 hour for this procedure, so you cannot take the next ferry, but only a later one, which is not very efficient - the bus solution is much faster in this direction.
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Transfer From HongKong airport
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