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 Ring of Skellig in Ireland

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PostSubject: Ring of Skellig in Ireland   Sat Jan 08, 2011 11:03 pm

The ring of Skellig is an extension of the famous Ring of Kerry. The latter one offers wonderful views but for me is a bit too touristy. Hundreds of tour buses run along that way stopping at the same scenic spots to let tourists take the same pictures. The Ring of Skellig is not crowded at all because its narrow roads cannot by accessed by buses, which makes it a paradise for an individual tourist. It's length is about 45 km and roads are so steep and narrow that driving there poses a real challenge, especially for those who are not used to such conditions. Any car coming from the opposite direction causes the adrenaline rush as it seems hardly possible for the two cars to pass. The views are stunning: rugged coast, jagged rocks, green hills, silver waters of the Atlantic - a truly wild region. You can also explore it on foot. It offers many hiking possibilities. On the way your only companions will be birds and sheep, occasionally you can meet a smiling farmer who will wave to you. We were surprised to find many fences separating private properties, but because there was no other path to reach the destination, we soon got used to climbing over the gates.
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Ring of Skellig in Ireland
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