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 Ice skating in London

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PostSubject: Ice skating in London   Wed Dec 29, 2010 6:54 am

I have visited 4 ice skating rinks in London.The first was the Marble Arch Ice Rink. Situated in the middle of an island in the middle of a thoroughfare of traffic, we entered it vis the subway. The rink was small, my shoes were too big for me (I only managed one lap they were so sore!), it wasnt that well organised.Then we visited the Natural History Museum Ice Rink. It is set in a BEAUTIFUL location, next to one of Londons most intricate buildings and some tall trees that line the road. It was well organised, there were quite a few monitors on the rink at the same time as the customers, so if you needed help they were there. They were stricter in getting people off (and on) in time and was a far nicer experience.The other two rinks were by the Tower of London and the City Hall. They were also nice, but the Natural History rink gets my vote! It is amazing how they froze the ice in these locations, and KEPT it at the right temperature for quite a while. Very well done! If you can do this, do, it is great fun, especially for the kids. You dont need to bring your own ice skates, they will be provided for you.
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Ice skating in London
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