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 Bigger craft market in Johannesburg

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PostSubject: Bigger craft market in Johannesburg   Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:25 am

We love markets and enjoy collecting crafts on our travels, but face the perennial problem of where to put it all without transforming the house into a curio store. So, for what it's worth, this is my solution ...
Our Christmas tree has always been the focal point of our family - my German grandmother was the first person to have a Christmas tree in my Dad's home village in Ireland back in the 1930s, and some of my most prized possessions are a few of her homemade ornaments which I religiously place in pride of place on my tree each year. When I left home, my own mother gave me a 'starter pack' of decorations from our childhood tree to start my own (a tradition that I will continue with my own kids) and I have been collecting ever since! Everywhere we go, we buy something for our tree - we're not purists, so it doesn't necessarily need to be colour coordinated or even Christmas themed (there are, for example, balsa wood humming birds from Peru, a wooden orang utan from Borneo and pottery figures from the Czech Republic), but when we put up our tree, it is a very special ritual that celebrates our family identity (of which travel is a huge part!)

So, what can you by in Johannesburg that would fit the bill? Well, the answer is, loads, and even better, most of it is light and easily transportable! I love the beadwork ornaments (photos to follow) which transform a traditional artform into something contemporary and funky. All sorts of Christmas tree baubles covered with colourful beadwork, or small wire and bead ornaments are available. Prices obviously vary, but you should be looking at between R20 and R50, depending on size and complexity, and of course you can negotiate a discount on volume (since I don't think that it's possible to buy just one!). If you're lucky, you may even find a beadwork snowman, which I think is a delicious cultural anacronism in a city where we only see snow about every 20 years (and certainly never at Christmas!) - these involve more work and will probably cost R80 - R100.
My personal favourite at the moment are Christmas angels made out of old beer cans (photos also coming). Being an environmentalist, I like the recycling aspect - in fact I would happily volunteer to be part of the raw materials generation process - and I love the idea of being inspired by a favourite beverage in adorning the tree (mine features Amstel, Castle and Windhoek!). How better to add some festive cheer(s)???
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Bigger craft market in Johannesburg
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