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 Nhatrang Boat Trip

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PostSubject: Nhatrang Boat Trip   Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:57 am

The most popular activities in Nha Trang revolve around water. The boat trip is offered by a hundred different travel agencies that reside along the beachfront roads, but all boils down to the same schedule. It's more 18-30's than family orientated, and includes snorkelling, an on board lunch with singing and dancing, a floating bar in the sea in the afternoon, an aquarium and a fish farm. It's a good way to get off the mainland, explore some bays on the outlying islands, do some swimming and generally have a laugh.

The typical tour heads to Mun Island first, for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkelling at a nearby coral reef, then to Mot Island for lunch and drinks at a floating bar. Then Tam island, where there is a resort, more sunbathing (and more drinking) and then to Mieu Island to visit a fishing village.

The guys on my trip were good fun and they got singing with a young boy of 14 playing drums on a rather battered old kit. My trip cost 120,000 VND which includes lunch which was very good but drinks are extra.
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Nhatrang Boat Trip
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