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 Castelo de Sao Jorge in Lisbon

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PostSubject: Castelo de Sao Jorge in Lisbon   Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:50 pm

Castelo de São Jorge (named after the warrior-saint, Saint George) is located on the top of one of highest hills in Lisbon. This perfect strategic location on the hilltop, an easily defensible spot, has been the site of settlements and fortifications for more than 2,000 years. The castle in its present form dates from medieval times, and was the royal palace for many years. The great earthquake in 1755 almost completely destroyed the castle, and for the next about 200 years it entered a period of oblivion. But in the 1940s, Castelo de São Jorge was rebuilt and became a major tourist attraction in Lisbon.

After I paid the entrance fee of 7 Euro (October 2010), I started exploring the castle area. First, I went for a long walk around what I would call the outer part of the castle area. Here were a small square with some old cannons and a statue of Afonso Henriques (the King who conquered the site from the Moors), a café/restaurant, a castle museum, a souvenir shop, and a cobbled esplanade along the castle walls. The wonderful panoramic views of Lisbon and River Tagus from the square and the esplanade were absolute stunning! I now entered the old castle, and climbed up and down the many staircases for a walk on the castle walls or to have a closer look at the castle towers. Again, the views from the walls and the towers were fantastic. Before I ended my visit to Castelo de São Jorge, I also went by the archaeological excavation area. There were a few remains of an old Moor castle on display here, and it was quite interesting. You have to walk through the castle and climb the walls to reach the excavation area, but I was told that the museum is working on an easily accessible way...

Castelo de São Jorge can be seen from almost everywhere in Lisbon. Therefore, it is hard to miss the castle when visiting the city... and it would be a shame to miss as it is a very interesting and impressive place to visit.
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Castelo de Sao Jorge in Lisbon
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