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 Thailand Nightlife

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PostSubject: Thailand Nightlife   Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:22 am

Walking street is a street closed off for driving and just has tons of people walking up and down it. Here is a good place to get alot of different things on one street. They have Thai restaurants, burger joints, fast food, and other sit and eat or buy it off a cart. This street also has a few clubs. You can go in a dancing club or right next door to a strip club. In the strip clubs they will expect and come up and ask for you to buy a girl a drink. Some places they will bring the drink out take it with you and enjoy your company for a while. This place also has the "Shows." The shows are adult only and Ping Pong type. If you don't know what that is, ask somewhere else. For the most part everbody is very friendly where ever you go. If you are looking for femal companionship, you can get it here. But be very wary, some of the girls are actually guys. Some of them you can tell by looking others, you have to find out another way.

Nothing special just wear something conservative and respectful. Or go all out. I saw a few guy tourists in dresses dancing the night away.
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Thailand Nightlife
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