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 Deep Dark Water - Post HP RP

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Just A Kiss

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PostSubject: Deep Dark Water - Post HP RP   Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:42 pm

Name of Board: Deep Dark Water
Link to Board: click
Location of Mini Banner: On the index page in the table on the left
Link to your staff account on the Board: Just A Kiss
Directory Category: Post HP RPG
Contact Details: Just send me a PM here

Activity: low right now, we've just opened up with the new plot
Difficulty: for everyone, we have ranks for different level members
Rating: PG-13
Types of Characters/Creatures allowed: Wizards and witches typical for the HP world, vampires and werewolves, some others (like half elf) here and there, but the RPer has to ask for permission from a staff member first, if they want their character to be recognized in the Site-Wide plot
Time of where the RP is set in: starting with 2003, to the present date and, as teh RP progresses, in the future
After the Second Battle of Hogwarts is finished, the whole Wizarding World breathes out relieved. The only thing that runs though everyone’s mind is to get their lives back in order and to finally start living as normal people … well as normal as life can be in a world full of magic and mystical creatures.

But life’s not a fairytale now, is it?

After developing the ability to partially control their transformation and after developing synthetic blood, the werewolves and the vampires of the Wizarding Community see this time period as an opportunity to claim their rights and place in the Wizarding World. As werewolves have learned to control themselves and vampires have developed synthetic blood, they no longer consider themselves outcasts. But the Ministry thinks different and denies them their request, using the ongoing rivalry between the two species to show the threat they represent to their community.

But the two sides realize that this is just the Ministry’s way of talking themselves out of it, as they had no intention on recognizing their species from the beginning. Angry and disgusted by the way they have been treated, a group of werewolves decide to take matters into their own hands and start a little organization, the Syrkaz, who acts through violence and threats in order to achieve their goals. And of course, the vampires can’t just stand back and do nothing, while their rivals get all the fun, so they found their own organization, named the Aspax, which brings even more chaos to the Wizarding Community.

But the only thing that their actions lead to is more opposition from the Ministry’s side. Seeing they have chance of getting what they want through violence, a group of vampires, [name], and a group of werewolves, United Werewolf Liberation Front, decide to try it the peaceful way, but having the rivalry in their blood, doesn’t help them either.

But why is the Ministry so opposed to the idea of giving the two parts their rights. Are they really that dangerous? Maybe… But what would a community be without corruption, right? So this is where the Syners, an organization based on the whoever-offers-more principle, come in and “give a hand” in this whole mess. Having numerous members infiltrated in the Ministry, they can easily control the decisions and point them in the direction which suits them best.

The ongoing rivalry between the two species and now the four new organization prepares the way to the Third Wizarding War, which seems to be imminent.

In these conditions, what can the vampires and the werewolves do?
Will they contact the Syners and pay for their freedom?
Will they finally understand that their rivalry is unnecessary and will they finally see who their real enemy is?
And most importantly: how many innocent lives will have to be taken so that they can get what they want?

It’s up to you to decide!
Other notes:
[short description]

Name: Syrkaz
Pronunciation: sûrkuhz
Description: The two Latin words syrites, meaning “wolf”, and derkaz, meaning “absence of light” have merged and formed the name for the second organization that arises in the Wizarding Community after the Second War.
This name describes those werewolves, who have taken the Ministry’s refusal personal and see it as a humiliation. Their pride has been hurt and they won’t just close an eye and forget about it. Determined to achieve their ends no matter what, they rely on methods which imply threats and violence, seeing this as their only hope. They are also the ones who apparently take the Wizarding World step by step closer to a Third War, together with the Aspax.

Name: Aspax
Pronunciation: a:spəx
Description: Aspax, from the two Latin words aser(blood) and rapax(fang), is the name for the vampire organization, who, just like the Syrkaz, has no intention to sit back and relax. Driven by the rivalry between the two races and by the Ministry’s reaction, they too form an organization based on the same principles the Syrkaz operate on. Despite the fact that Aspax have come later into the picture, they have managed to catch up on their apparent enemies, causing just as much chaos and deaths as the werewolves.

Name: United Werewolf Liberation Front [UWLF]
Etymology: The abbreviation of the name is an anagram of the pronunciation of the noun “wolf”.
Description: Clearly opposed to the two previously described organizations, UWLF members fight for the werewolf rights, having at their basis peace and communication. They spread the idea that acting the like wild beasts, won’t change the Ministry’s view about their species, but gives them more reasons to continue calling them Fernoks(1). But because of their stubbornness, they lean away the possibility of working together with the VMPs, thus getting into even more disputes with them. Because of their “weapon” choice, the Syrkaz also despise them, saying they have become the Wizards’ house pets.

Name: [VMP]
Etymology: The abbreviation of the name is actually the word “vampire”.
Description: VMP and UWLF were formed around the same time, so none of the two organizations have managed to get ahead of the other. But is time really the reason for that? They too are despised by their own kind because of the action methods they chose, but they are determined not to give up until they have become a part of the Wizarding Community. But the ongoing rivalry between the two species and now the four new groups leads to the beginning of the Third War.

Name: Syners
Pronunciation: saɪnəs
Derived for the Latin word for blood – “sine”, and the anagram of the Latin word for money – “res”, the word has a double meaning, resembling to the word “sinners”, which gives us a little preview of what awaits for us. The Syners is the first organization that appears right after the Second War, but stays hidden for the time being. Their plan is to gather as many followers as possible and infiltrate themselves all over the Wizarding World, in order to control as much of it as possible. When the four new werewolf and vampire organizations come into the light of the Wizarding World, they have in mind to destroy them at first, but then realize they would have more to gain by letting them evolve. With numerous members infiltrated in the Ministry, they can manipulate the decisions being taken, regarding the two species’ rights. Still hidden, they also act as a mercenary organization in the rivalry between the werewolves and the vampires, thus upholding the hatred between the too. So as you see, the Syners are the real bad guys in this whole story, without even letting the Wizarding World know about their existence. They are the real starters of the Third War.

Eleven years have passed since the Second Wizarding War and most people have settled down and went back to their peaceful lives. Being too caught up by the new lifestyle they have all being waiting and hoping for, they do not have the time to notice a new threat arising. So, when in 2009, the Syrkaz declare war to the Ministry the whole nation is in shock.

1998 - End of the Second War
2003 - The Syners starts taking form (May)
2006 - The werewolves and vampires ask the Ministry for their rights (June)
2006 - The Syners, having enough members in the Ministry, manage to decline those rights (September)
2006 - The Syrkaz is formed (December)
2007 - The Aspax is formed (June)
2008 - VMP(February) and UWLF(March) are formed
2008 - The Syners start acting as mercenaries and have in mind to turn the four organizations against each other and against the Wizards, thus giving them the opportunity to take over

(1)Fernoc: humiliating name given to those who are not humans. It is formed from the Latin word for beast – “ferus” and the Latin word for night – “nox”. It is regarded as the most degrading name for a non-human. The equivalent for the Wizards for this is calling a Muggle born a “Mudblood”.
---can survive on synthetic blood
---are vulnerable to: sunlight, silver, holy water, blessed crosses
---can be killed: by staking, by prolonged exposure to sunlight
---exceptions: the Ancients (oldest vampires around) are less vulnerable to the above and have their own ways of getting killed
---can transform at will and not necessarily during the full moon
---the older they are, the better they can control this
---are vulnerable to: silver, injuries take longer to heal
---ca be killed: by prolonged exposure to silver, serious injuries from fights, some spells
---exceptions: Alphas are less vulnerable to the above
(4)How to become a Vampire:
---by an uncleaned bite
---by being drained and drinking blood from the same vampire
(5)How to become a Werewolf:
---by an uncleaned bite
---by a serious bite, even though it was cleaned
(6)How to clean a bite:
---Vampire bite: holy water, then test with a blessed cross. If it hurts, clean it, until it doesn't anymore.
---Werewolf bite: alcohol, then test with a silver object. If it hurts, clean it until it doesn't anymore.

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Deep Dark Water - Post HP RP
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