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 Tien Lang Spa Resort

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PostSubject: Tien Lang Spa Resort    Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:32 pm

Tien Lang Spa Resort

Hai Phong-Viet Nam

Welcome you!

85KM away from Hanoi - Hai Phong Center 19 KM - 60 KM Ha Long.

Tien Lang hot mineral springs as tourist attractions and unique for your vacation, family travel with appropriate rest, relaxation, conferences, workshops, picnic ...

With eco-cool space, with more diverse entertainment: beauty skin with mud, relaxing pure mineral water, green campus recreation, enjoy country cuisine, seafood, sea help you and your family can relax moments really cheery.

The excellent services of professional staff and enthusiasm certainly make you satisfied as to the Tien Lang hot spring!

Please contact us at the address when you and your family need a holiday trip very meaningful and interesting:
Vu Thanh Nga
Hotline: 01689420822
YH: thanhngatour
Tel:+84 31 3583264 +84 31 3583264 , +84 31 3583264 +84 31 3583264 ; +84 312218099 +84 312218099 ; +84 312218099– Fax +84 31 3583272
Skype : nga-tienlangspa
Email: res@tienlangsparesort.com
Vu Thuong Huyen
Hotline: 01697264748
Email: suoikhoangtienlang@gmail.com
YM: huyen_tienlangsparesort, Skype: huyen-tienlangsparesort
Website: http://www.tienlangsparesort.com

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Tien Lang Spa Resort
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