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 Phoenix Down

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PostSubject: Phoenix Down   Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:51 am

[b]Forum Name:[/b] Phoenix Down

[b]Link:[/b] [URL=http://s4.zetaboards.com/Phoenix_Down/index/]Click Here[/URL]

[b]My name on Forum:[/b] Setsuna

[b]Opening Date:[/b] July 27th 2010

[b]Board Info:[/b]

Phoenix Down is my latest take on the "General Chat" forum. Though something to be noted is my heavy emphasis on not JUST chatting. I'm trying to create a community where we actually talk about things, where we get into things real deep and talk about ...well what we LOVE. What we are passionate about!

My staff and I all share a similar love for these things, video games, music and art, and we're setting the example for others to try and bring out their passions!

It's also about making friends. Who wants to post on a forum with members that they hate? I don't! So I'll be trying to make friends with everyone that joins up! I want to have fun! I'm sure you do too.

[u]The forum is OURS![/u] The staff and myself aren't here to moderate, we're here to be a part of a community. We want you to feel that this forum is as much yours as it is mine. Any suggestions you have will be heavily considered!

[u] Some Features:[/u] 1 Category Forum. Instead of multiple categories, it will be just one with multiple forums and sub forums. This keeps the page itself small and makes everything very neat.

Updated Profiles. When viewing your profile or another users profile, you'll be able to see what their last topic was, what their last post was, and if they've ever changed their name before.

Double click editing. Instead of having to load a new page to edit your post, simply double click the post itself and it will minimize into a text box for you to change things! Makes things quick and easy!

Soon to come: Soon we will have multiple themes for you to choose from. Not a fan of semi-dark? we'll have a light one! Maybe even a custom theme in the future!

domain name? A possibility!

Topic of The Week: We'll host a weekly Topic Discussion. This will be a big topic that we'll hope all the members get involved in! Keep in mind that it won't be anything that will spawn a heated debate like religion or politics. We want everyone to have a good time not get angry that their views are being bashed or anything!

[b] So stop by everyone! Check us out! We're going to have a great time, talk about our passions, and make some friends along the way![/b]
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Phoenix Down
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