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 [Paid] Forum Posting Competiton [$'s, Forum Cash and Posts]

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PostSubject: [Paid] Forum Posting Competiton [$'s, Forum Cash and Posts]   Sat Jul 03, 2010 6:57 pm


I am the admin at http://www.myfavouriteforum.com, and we a running a Paid Posting Competition. The competition will start the minute this topic is released. The Competition topic on myFavouriteForum can be found here http://www.myfavouriteforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=96&p=329#p329 As with all Posting Competitions the top posters win the goods and the conditions are as follows..

Condition to Join - You must simply be a new member to this forum who has only registered after reading this topic. Sorry to our already registered users, but don't worry I have a nice Competition lined up for you next time round.

[Note ''Denarii'' is the forum's cash used to buy items in the shop]
1st - $7, 20posts to your chosen forum, and 200Denarii [Simply reach 90posts first]
2nd - $5, 15posts to your chosen forum, and 150Denarii [Reach 80posts first]
3rd - $3, 10posts to your chosen forum, and 100Denarii [Just reach 70posts first]

Competition Feature's
1)Posts can be new topics or replying to existing topics. Also posts in the forum games section do not count towards total.
2)Money shall be paid to a chosen paypal or donated to a chosen website. If neither are available to you I will increase the values of your remaining prizes.
3)Only one condition - At least 5 people must reply to this topic, stating that they are going to enter the competition before the post count of any of the contestants has reached 30posts. So everybody has a fair chance but doesn't stop you getting a head-start!
4)Don't forget every post you make earns you Denarii which you can exchange for more prizes in the forum shop such as posts for your forum, banner advertising and complete forum rating services.
5)The winner's shall be posted as they reach the required targets and as the competition goes on.

This competition is very easy to join, and also very easy to gain prizes in - you can make yourself the winner in one day if you like. As i said before the competition is now open so please get in on the action ASAP!

Thankyou for reading and good luck with the competition! :)
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[Paid] Forum Posting Competiton [$'s, Forum Cash and Posts]
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